3 thoughts on “Escaped Farm Salmon Pose Huge Environmental Threat

  1. “Scottish salmon is the UK’s most popular fish and the country’s No 1 food export,” says Tavish Scott, chief executive of Salmon Scotland. He adds: “With domestic and global demand for Scottish salmon continuing to grow, the success of the Scottish salmon sector – and the jobs that depend on it – will not be put at risk from a handful of urban-based activist chefs.”

    The farms are clearly feeling the pain, guys, judging by the “We hates-es the Hobbits-ses” “handful of of urban based chefs comment.

    Looks suspiciously like a case of biting the hands that origianally nreated, enabled and fed you.

    Suggest that you change your “poor” PR / Spokes People at the very least – FAST, before it’s too late and whilst you still can.

    in Satrurday’s Guardian – another Industry’s Mafia Hit:


  2. biting the hands that originally enabled and fed you.

    That’s better.

    PS – Seen similar in Angling, you know – from the Big Brand Mafia and the One Way True Way Fishers……

  3. And now the industry has Björk the Icelandic singer and farm-hit folks in Argentina and Chile on its case.

    In Monday’s Guardian –


    Time, I think, for a re-play of Bowie’s “Fashion”.


    Once it’s gone, there’s usually no getting it back……

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