Late spring on the White River is a season of remarkable transformation. As the ecosystem emerges from winter, it displays spectacles that must be seen to be believed. For anglers of this fishery, it’s one of the most productive times of the year to tempt trophy brown trout with floating fly patterns. Within this niche group of passionate anglers, enthusiasm and comradery are at an all-time high. This film reveals one angler’s gratitude toward the fishery he lives in and the community that has given him a new perspective on fly fishing.

Emergence is the result of years of experimentation and progression by its storytellers. From its captivating cinematics to its hypnotic soundtrack, this avant-garde expression presents White River fly fishing as it’s never been seen before.

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  1. I went to go to White River. Did it once for a show with lawn seating tickets. The website said low-back lawn chairs were allowed so we borrowed some from a friend. Parked at the SuperMall (what is it called now? The one in Auburn) and took a bus to the amphitheater. Stood in the LONGEST line I have ever seen for over an hour to get in. We could hear the opening band already playing as we were about halfway to the security check point. After being in the line for an hour, some security staffer was coming along the line and informing everyone with lawn chairs that they were not allowed. We were told to return them to our cars (which was impossible since we took a bus from Auburn) or to hide them in the woods at the edge of the property and get them after the show. Since we were not prepared to assume the risk or cost of losing the borrowed lawn chairs, we convinced a bus driver to return us to the parking lot in Auburn and just went home.

    Now if there is a show that is coming to White River, it usually is also playing the amphitheater just north of the river. Going there is a way better experience. The parking is better at a very nearby park-n-ride and the drive home is about the same as the gridlock trying to get out of White River.

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