One thought on “Donald Trump Jr. at the 2016 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo

  1. Pro access and pro gun with pictures to prove it. If you listen to him speak informally he has a depth and breadth of knowledge of species and tactics. It seems as though he has influenced his father’s stances on guns, hunting, and conservation. Glad it was a son and not someone working for a campaign, treating us like the hunter vote. I think back to idiots like Rick Perry and Mike Huckabee and their efforts to pander to outdoorsmen. Remember in ’12 when pretty boy Rick Perry was always posing with guns and in ’08 when Huckabee whiffed on pheasants in an Iowa field? And again in ’12 when Huckabee water swatted a hen in an Arkansas blind on ABC? They were merely frauds paying lip service to an American tradition just to get a vote. If Trump gets elected maybe outdoorsmen will finally have a voice and we won’t have to hear stories about Dick Cheney shooting fellow hunters in the face or watch a mom jeans donning O pretend he’s shooting trap for a photo op.

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