One thought on “Diorama Chronicles | Sculpting & Painting Miniature Fish

  1. New angler. I started fishing two days ago trying to learn on my own. Bought my fishing license.

    There aren’t many public access lakes or ponds aside from the lake at my towns park. It’s supplied with crappie, bass, catfish and sunfish.

    My goal is to catch a crappie to cook and eat. After not finding much luck on the shore I went over to the pier. Spent around 3 hours with three different baits. Nothing on the hook but lots of activity all around the pier. There were other fishers there as well, nobody could catch anything.

    My set up was a bobbler, a sinker, and three different baits (Berkley gulp minnows, half of a bait fish and Berkley power grub). I tried casting near vegetation but trust me I tried every spot I could on the pier.

    I noticed a lot of movement and activity in the water but again nothing was biting or showing interest. Another fisher even gave me the rest of their bait. I started from around 4-7 pm, light drizzling.

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