Despite the rumors, it’s not up your urethra


The Amazon River basin’s most notorious bloodsuckers may not be all drama and gore after all. New findings suggest that some candiru—the vampire fish—may have a more benign relationship with their host fishes, using the hosts’ bodies as transportation or protection from predators.

Candiru fish have a bit of a reputation. The fish are perhaps most infamous for tall tales in which they are attracted to the urine of people peeing in the river and swim up their urethras, becoming horrifically embedded.

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One thought on “Despite the rumors, it’s not up your urethra

  1. I’m more worried about Demon Otters, you know.

    Alaska, I have just learned from a supposedly dependable British newspaper, The Guardian, is apparently quaking at their recent, bite-absolutely-anything-‘n’-everything turn for the worse. You have been warned.

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