DAMS OUT – Rindge Dam

Rindge Dam, located 3 miles upstream from Malibu coastline, is listed as one of the Top 5 California dams to remove in our latest report.

Built in 1926, it once provided water for irrigation and household use in Malibu. However, after just 30 years, the 100-foot dam became obsolete after the reservoir filled entirely with sediment. Today it is part of Malibu Creek State Park and remains a total barrier to southern steelhead migration.

Removing Rindge Dam will reconnect access to over 18 miles of high-quality spawning and rearing habitat for the federally threatened southern steelhead.


One thought on “DAMS OUT – Rindge Dam

  1. Just keep blasting the unspeakable things, fellas.

    Not such potentially good news about the world’s great rivers (and countless far-lesser ones) in an article in the much-respected journal “Nature” featured in The Guardian on Wednesday.


    I don’t know about blasting dams … maybe some of their still extremely, ecologically “unwoke” advocates and builders, though … time really IS beginning to run out for a lot of living stuff now, including us…..

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