Dams Central Focus of Endangered Fish Dispute in Oregon

Photo: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Scientists fear the imminent extinction of winter steelhead in Oregon’s Willamette River, and spring chinook are not doing much better as the government assesses the main danger to fish there: the 13 federal dams it operates.

Environmentalists say the Army Corps of Engineers tried to upend that process by reallocating river water for cities, farms, and industry that fish desperately need.

LINK (via: Courthouse News)

2 thoughts on “Dams Central Focus of Endangered Fish Dispute in Oregon

  1. FYI, fellas – more dams in the US West (Snake River) in the British Guardian newspaper today, June 9th:


    PS – Something else I saw on a Brtish website about the salmon farm menace further north in Canada. I am sure you’ll know more about the rivers and the lady concerned than I do, so here is the YouTube film I watched the other day.


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