2 thoughts on “DamNation | The Problem with Hydropower

  1. As some countries begin to understand the non-delivery of desired power etc and the environmental nightmares created by big dams, others seem to be in greater and greater thrall to them, if only as morale-shoring symbols of much-needed development and a better, brighter future. Then there are the Macho Alpha Male Politician and Neanderthal Me Can Do (Grunt!) Constructor Crews that look to personally benefit from them… BBC Radio 3 broadcast page linked below. Click “More / Further Details” button for more about the 14 minute broadcast. If you’re not in Britain and know your by-the-backdoor “Not available in your country” downloading ways and means, you might even be able to download it.


  2. PS – 45 minutes more from the same man about dams and rivers on BBC Radio 3 in May 2019.


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