One thought on “Curb Feeler

  1. No steelhead around….

    I experience a related, all geared up and nothing left to use them all on feeling whenever I unwisely dig out and look into my many many well-filled boxes of self-tied Atlantic salmon and sea-trout flies these days …
    Ah yes … those patterns for this or that particular river, for this or that time of the season here in Britain, tied small and super sparse for when the river’s down to its bare bones during a drought and smaller-the-better for Iceland, Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego at almost any height of water back in a now fast-receding earlier day…. Every creation an expression of occasionally longish and deepish thinking and eighth generation, fail-fail-fail-minor-success-try-again experiment until a fishy hunch finally worked … and always an expression of watery intentions and, above all, hope.

    Just add fish. …

    But … oh … there are no fish now….Damn!

    Better tie some nymphs and beads and midges for winter grayling, add to the few thousand or so…..

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