One thought on “COVID-19 Fly Tying Contest

  1. I see … like some Bad Trip (ft. Reality) Version of The Eton Boating Song – – we all tie tie together as we die together, much as in the same way as Britain’s best boys ‘feather’ed in that stirring old song…?

    Might I suggest at this End of The World As We Knew It juncture something very dark and relatively simple, like my Boote’s Black Woolly (we effete Brits use an extra ‘l’ in the last word, you know – because we can) Bugger Strikes Back (Grim Reaper Variant), though I am sure that some of you TransAtlantic chaps will overcomplicate things as per normal and go all size 32 Black Parachute C-19 Midge on us.

    Keep tying, guys.

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