Courts reverse course on stream access

Well this is disappointing.

A Utah judge waded deep into Mormon pioneer history to settle a long-simmering fight over stream access, this time in favor of riverside property owners.

In a stinging blow to angler and boating groups fighting for access to Utah streams, 4th District Judge Derek Pullan reversed course from his prior rulings and concluded the public has no right to walk or touch the bottoms of streams crossing private land.

LINK (via The Salt Lake Tribune)

One thought on “Courts reverse course on stream access

  1. One day fly fisherman are going to wake up and figure out that liberals aren’t their friends. This judge is part of the elite liberal Biden loving clan. When conservatives say, “the elite are coming for you next”……..well, guess what?…’s time. Sarcasm, but not really: Don’t forget to wear your mask on the river and you aren’t allowed to go fly fishing until you can PROVE you got the booster! This judge is in that group…….

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