Court Upholds Termination of Cooke Aquaculture Net-Pen Lease

Net Pens

Some good news for Puget Sound.

The termination of the lease for a fish-farming operation in Port Angeles Washington was upheld in Thurston County Superior Court.

Cooke Aquaculture Pacific said it would appeal the ruling.

Even if Cooke prevails on appeal, the company still needs approval from the state Department of Natural Resources to allow it to farm steelhead or black cod at the pen. The current lease for the pen is for farming Atlantic salmon and “for no other purpose,” the lease states.

Cooke is still pursuing its plan to convert its other Puget Sound net pens to farming steelhead. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife granted approval for Cooke’s steelhead plans last month at facilities where the company has valid leases.

LINK (via: The Seattle Times)


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