Cooke Aquaculture inspection finds problems at 2 other Atlantic salmon pens

The hits keep coming for Cooke Aquaculture.

Deficiencies have been found at Cooke Aquaculture’s Atlantic salmon net pens in Puget Sound by an independent inspector, the state Department of Natural Resources reports.

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz ordered inspections of all nine of Cooke’s net pens after a catastrophic collapse of one of its net pens at Cypress Island in the San Juans last August, allowing more than 200,000 Atlantic salmon to escape into the Salish Sea.

The latest inspections from the contractor hired by the state, Mott MacDonald of Edmonds, found deficiencies at Cooke’s operations at its Hope Island and Rich Passage facilities, according to the reports.
LINK (via: The Seattle Times)
Cooke has launched a PR effort on their Facebook page in a lame attempt to try to turn the tide of public opinion against their net pen operations. On their page, they refer to themselves as an “Urban Farm” and are deleting comments critical of their operations. Stay classy Cooke,

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