Conservation From The Couch Tonight @ 7:00 pm EST

Hey, hey you! Yeah, you there curled up in the corner hoping to Rip Van Winkle your way into 2021. It’s your lucky day because we have a distraction for you that doesn’t involve researching whether the movie was right and hot tubs can be time machines or if you can cryogenically freeze yourself Austin Powers style. Fortunately for you, you can take a break from your groundbreaking research because AFFTA and Moldy Chum are back at it again with another episode of Conservation from the Couch!

Our next episode is a big one. As outdoor enthusiasts, climate change is something that affects us all. Our country’s wildlands, waters, and wildlife – resources we all cherish – are threatened by the unprecedented impacts of climate change. But the news isn’t all bad. Across the country sportsmen and women are already working to combat this existential threat by using our natural resources to mitigate this crisis.
So tonight at 7:00 PM EST we need you to summon the strength to unravel from your dark corner and crawl up onto the couch for an important conversation with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. In addition to our usual couch antics, we’ll be chatting about how sportsmen and women across the country can unite and advocate for our natural resources and leverage them to fight climate change. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this event!

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