Congressman George Santos is a World Class Saltwater, Steelhead and Bass Angler

Some of the comments from our original Instagram post.

That clown couldn’t catch a cold!
There’s most likely lead in these bass!
George Santos invented the Royal Wulff
Pretty sure he won the walleye tourney
He found success at professional fishing… After 15 NASCAR wins.
I’m waiting for his NFT’s to be released.
Pretty sure he’s the adult son of Lee and Joan Wulff.
I think that guy low holed me on the Lower Deschutes!
That guy rips lips like no other. What a specimen.
Lefty Kreh is his dad.
Bear Whisperer too!

3 thoughts on “Congressman George Santos is a World Class Saltwater, Steelhead and Bass Angler

  1. Seen in passing on the BBC radio website today. Don’t worry, guys, we Brits are neck-deep in our very own, homegrown truth-benders and total fantasists, whether they’re politicians or just people claiming in Netflix series that a few, itinerant, bearded, gnostic survivors of the destruction of Atlantis civilized the Planet’s immediately post-Ice Age hunter-gatherer savages and taught them how to build giant megaliths and pyramids and the like up to ten thousand years before today’s “so-called expert archeologists” claim they are (and try to silence People Like Me for saying otherwise….).

    I was wondering, fellas, would you like some…?

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