Concrete Reasons

After the Second World War, Finland desperately needed to get back up on its feet and one of the solutions was hydropower. The environment wasn’t important as the rivers were harnessed for power. Cultures were lost and people seriously traumatized. We need to tell the stories that have been ignored for decades in the name of progress, disregarded due to energy production and the mere thoughtlessness of people. Many of the hydropower plant and river permits can be as old as a century and are outdated due to the lack of political will and corruption.

This ignorance has driven many of the Finnish migratory fish species to the brink of extinction, instead of being revitalized. It is extremely important to reveal the issues behind the devastating state of these species – These species reflect the abundance of nature and people but also regional and national endeavors of all kinds. As most of Finland’s migratory fish are in a devastating state – abused by lack of political will and corruption – the surroundings act the same.

We want to encourage and promote the revitalization of these species, as well as the awareness of migratory fish species as a part of nature and society with a visual experience.


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