Colorado’s Fly-Fishing Industry Faces the Growing Threat of Climate Change

You could insert every single western state’s name into that headline.

A 2018 analysis done for CPW found that fishing contributes $2.4 billion in economic output each year in Colorado and supports some 17,000 jobs in the state. No one is sure how climate change will affect those figures­­­—only that it will. 

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2 thoughts on “Colorado’s Fly-Fishing Industry Faces the Growing Threat of Climate Change

  1. Yup. A whole load of “Where have the blasted things (OUR fish) gone? WE know what is to blame.” -type” British Atlantic salmon sorts are trying to find non- (“Got to discredit the blasted Eco Rabble’s scaremongering climate fictions….take back the narrative and into our safe, old pairs of hands…”) -climate suspects at present. These range from traditionally and easily “waste-able”, with plenty of bought-in, squint-eyed, only too willing for a bit of sport manpower and traditional Best of British rural shotgun and rifle lead, anything with fins, feather or fur, however potentially migrating smolt-eating, lower river and estuary birds small, however OUR fishing rental and tackle-sales shedloads of £s / $s, returning Salmo salar (and Sea Trout) adults-chomping coastal seals and probably porpoises large.

    Any traditional, deeply reassuring, the Big Bad Wolf Will and Does Get It, fairytale will do. Certainly not the really scary, non-fiction day-long and bedtime stories that Nanny insists on telling them these days, however much they kick and scream and tell her not to.

    We self-styled sapiens sorts evolve only very slowly now.

  2. And yet amongst the pollution and climate change posts, Moldy Chum continues to post for luxury resorts for the ultra rich with private float planes, jet boats, etc, etc. When will we NA’s learn that our gluttonous, consumptive example is leading the world down the road and this biosphere can’t support 7-billion of us consuming and burning GHGs for leisure like that? Cant have your cake and eat it too, Moldy Chum! At some point, if you’re not going to be environmental hypocrites, industry has to promote true sustainability (ie not selling more) and folks fishing their home waters.


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