Coho Fishing in Northern BC | Jig vs Blades vs Roe vs Fly | Captain Quinn

Coho salmon is one of five species of Pacific Salmon. The other fours species include: chinook, pink, chum and sockeye. Coho salmon are also referred to as silvers, especially in the USA. Fishing for coho salmon can be a tremendous thrill as the jump and run and hit aggressively. Fishermen and women fish for coho salmon in the ocean and in the rivers. Coho salmon have been a food source for people especially on the west coast of North America for thousands of years and are still today. Popular fishing methods for catching these fish in rivers include using: jigs, spoons, blades, flies, roe and beads. Coho salmon return the rivers in BC every year to spawn and can reach sizes in excess of 30 pounds but average 8-10lbs.

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