A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research

climate change

Indur M. Goklany, a science and technology policy analyst at the Interior Department, embarked on a campaign to insert misleading language about climate change into environmental studies and impact statements. The misleading language appears in studies and statements affecting major watersheds including the Klamath and Upper Deschutes river basins which provide critical habitat for spawning salmon and other wildlife.

LINK (via: The NY Times)

Goklany’s climate credentials?

He has a degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institutes of Technology and advanced degrees in electrical engineering from Michigan State University. Before embarking on his current misinformation campaign Goklany’s revised the priorities of the Department of Interior websites to de-emphasize climate change.

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  1. Freedom … instantly remembered ancient song-lyric fragments … well that’s just some people talkin’ … just another word for nothing left to lose….


    Dear Lord, dear Anybody, please save us from such “Freedom”.

    With apologies to The Eagles and to Kris Kristofferson. Time, I think, for a bit of Desperado and some Janis and Big Brother and the Holding Company.

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