Chehalis: A Watershed Moment

Please watch this film then take action below.

Faced with worsening floods and a prized salmon population on the brink of extinction, communities along Washington’s Chehalis River must decide whether to control the river with a new dam or adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

EIS Public Comment for Chehalis dam here.

One thought on “Chehalis: A Watershed Moment

  1. What a great film, thank you to you guys for putting this together. I think you did an excellent job making it objective as was the stated intention at the beginning of the film. Having some background in fisheries sciences myself, I agree with that statement made by one of the people interviewed that dams and salmon cannot coexist, as we see with the continued decline of salmon populations all along the Columbia River due largely to dam impoundment. I would like to voice my strong support for the alternative flood restoration plan, so that natural landscape features may protect human communities and interests at risk from flooding and simultaneously maintain habitat for threatened fish populations.

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