California Sues to Stop Expansion of Shasta Dam

Up against the Trump administration and the nation’s largest agricultural water supplier, California’s attorney general and a coalition of fishing groups are counting on a landmark environmental law to stop a proposed plan to raise the height of the dam at Shasta Lake by 18.5 feet.

LINK (via: Courthouse News)


2 thoughts on “California Sues to Stop Expansion of Shasta Dam

  1. Even the BBC’s flagship Classical music, Arts and Literature channel, Radio 3, broadcast a late night discussion on the “dam” subject the other day. By various, quite possibly unofficial, means non-UK residents might be able to download and listen to this one. Click “Show More” on page linked below for further details about the subjects covered.

  2. Here’s a deal: how about in exchange for inundating more of the McCloud River, Westlands buys right of ways on Hearst and or Folger properties and open that part of the river to the public.

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