READY TO ROLL!!…almost

We have our bus. We have our boat. And we have Mr. J. Rockfish on board to steer the ship. But before we can hit the road, we’ve got some work to do.

The bus… needs a new motor and maybe some other stuff (TBD) that’s been hiding under 40 years of crust and crud…
The boat… needs some fiberglass work. A casting platform and floor would be cool…maybe a paint job.

And Jay, well his gear is pretty shot, and his normally ripped physique has been obscured under some COVID poundage he acquired over the past year or so…And maybe a pedicure and haircut are in order before stepping in front of the camera…

First, the bus. A little interior decorating perhaps.

The 14 seats built for preschoolers don’t quite accommodate oversized fishing dudes. And, come to find out, there are no rod racks. No bar. No stereo. No beds. No fly-tying stations. And no beer fridge. How did those kids survive?

Time to gut this thing…Check it out!

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