Chumion: BTT Launches Tarpontarium Campaign

Photo: Matthieu Gentilhomme Flickr

After witnessing the success of the photarium movement in the Pacific Northwest, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) has decided that it’s time for tarpon anglers to start being more responsible about catch and release tarpon fishing. Tired of seeing trophy tarpon devoured by sharks after release, BTT has launched an all out campaign to encourage tarpon guides to start using tarpontariums as a way to allow tarpon to recuperate before being released.

As opposed to the 18 inch photariums used by anglers across the Pacific Northwest for trout, tarpontariums present a number of obvious problems, but BTT scientist and Keepemwet Science Advisor Dr. Andy Danylchuk believes those challenges are overblown. According to Dr. Danylchuk, “anyone strong enough to land a 100 plus pound tarpon should be strong enough to pick up and hold a 400 pound tarpontarium.”

Photo: Earl Harper

Dr. Danylchuk also scoffed at the idea that carrying around these huge fish tanks on flats boats would be a major inconvenience to tarpon guides. In response to complaints from numerous guides, Dr. Danylchuk commented on Facebook saying,  “Bowing to the silver king is not enough. If we really want to respect these fish, we must start by paying them the proper respect of letting them recuperate in huge fish tanks.”

Only time will tell if the tarpontarium movement takes off in the Florida Keys, but BTT is working hard to make sure this new initiative is a success.

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