One thought on “Brown trout hunt, why we fish!

  1. Ah, the (naturally) very red and blue gill-covered springcreek browns of the Argentine Far South. There have been a number of times I have had to wade hastily across such a stream – like, say, the middle and upper Gallegos Chico – to “collect” a 2- to 8-pound fish that had decided to leave the river and me their tormentor, to strike out overland across the wind-blown grassy opposite bank, saying “Dias” to some grazing guanaco or Rhea ostriches on their flapping “I’m outta here” way. Incredible. Not just small flies, either – try a Mouse or a ruddy great floating rubberlegs ‘Creecher’ on 10lb-test tippet minimum, then hang on. As readers can gather, I have had some completely insane fun down there.

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