One thought on “Brooks Falls Bear Cam Is Back

  1. Thanks, guys. Every year at this time, me and a few tipped-off British friends watch the far-off Brooks Falls bears, with one of those friends, like me, knowing a very similar-looking fall on a river in west Wales, the Teifi, in its late 1960s – ’80s heyday, when the falls sometimes turned blue, silver, white and black with running Atlantic salmon of all sizes, every spring, summer and fall after a rise in river levels after rain, plus, at this time of year, late June to mid July, filled with sometimes hundreds-strong shoals of all-sizes sea-trout. No bears though, just us, out day and night, with rods, first having a go at the arriving fish in the pools a distance below the falls, then following a run during the following days (and, later, nights, with fly for the settled and no longer running sea-trout) for 30 miles upriver. Not the case now, though, with the great runs largely a thing of a not so very distant past, as they are in many rivers wherever might flow.

    Back to the bears….

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