Brad Goes Fly Fishing In Montana Part 1

With a nine-person video team.

We’re back for episode 89 of It’s Alive with Brad Leone and in this first entry of a two-part series, our guy is heading out to Bozeman, Montana to experience some fly fishing. Brad is joined on the Yellowstone River by his buddy Steve Rinella from Netflix’s MeatEater who breaks down all the ins and outs of catching native whitefish.

One thought on “Brad Goes Fly Fishing In Montana Part 1

  1. Real fishers can only pray that there is n’t Part 2, but there probably will be – such horrors caome in twos or threess, or even more Don’t worry, fellas, be comforted that such Look-at-Me! self-aggrandizing, doing fishing /Angling no favo(u)s dross isn’t purely a North American thing – we have plenty of Total Wastes of Land Mass Space, Air and Airtime, (not to mention perfectly good River and Lake Banks), Serial Fishy Attention-Seekers over here in Britain. Long may such producers of such Pure Ordure never prosper

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