BOTWW: The Raw And The Cooked Edition

Another Wednesday another mini book review from our man Dylan Tomine.

NOVEMBER 18TH, 2020:  The Raw And The Cooked by Jim Harrison, Grove Press

Inevitably, we return to Harrison, as I always do with his fiction, his poetry, his non-fiction, according to mood. In other words, there’s always a Harrison piece that hits the spot. Today it’s the magnificent collection of his food essays, although to say this is “food writing” somehow underestimates what’s really going on here. This is a selection of writing from a great author at the peak of his powers, putting gusto, passion, desire, wisdom, history, culture, fishing, hunting, a whole lot of fun and offbeat thinking onto paper, disguised as food stories. Like McGuane and a handful of other gifted writers, Harrison has the rare ability to fascinate and engross you even if the stated topic isn’t something you’re interested in. That we all need to eat makes the appeal of this book all the more universal. This may be a food book, but it’s really about life.

One thought on “BOTWW: The Raw And The Cooked Edition

  1. A batch of Harrison essays and bourbon (he would suggest a magnum of French red) will pair with early darkness and quarantine quite nicely.

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