BOTWW: The Book Of Cold Mountain

Like Dylan, I too usually struggle with poetry but I was blown away after seeing Cameron Scott do a reading at Writers On The Fly.

DECEMBER 2ND, 2020: The Book Of Cold Mountain by Cameron Keller Scott, Blue Light Press

I will admit that I usually struggle with poetry, but not with this collection. I absolutely love this book. Here’s part of the back-cover blurb I wrote for The Book of Cold Mountain when it first came out, and I stand by every word: “Cameron Scott writes like a river…his is the language of water and gravity, the silence of an empty desert basin, the smell of sage on cool mornings. The Book of Cold Mountain is a place where words on a page become a porcupine on the road or dandelion seeds in the wind. And these things, these tangible, familiar things, become something more visceral: desire, hope, longing; truths you recognize but have never been able to articulate…” I find myself returning to this book again and again for wisdom, solace, and beauty…things I think we could all use a bit more of, especially this year.

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