Book Of The Week Wednesday

Book Of The Week The Habit of Rivers: Reflections on Trout Streams and Fly Fishing

Every Wednesday our friend, writer, and Patty Fly Fish Ambassador Dylan Tomine has been sharing some of his favorite books on Instagram. Check it out and give him a follow.

This week’s pick is The Habit Of Rivers by Ted Leeson, Lyons Press.

Leeson is often called the Philosopher King of fly fishing, and while it’s true that every few pages of this book reveal some kind of thoughtful brilliance—his take on migrating geese is mind-blowing—the nickname does him a disservice. It implies a kind of dry text we associate with Descartes or Kant, when in fact, Leeson is also a world-class smart ass. “There are advantages to being self-taught; quality of instruction isn’t one of them.” There you have it. This book is a gem!




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