Book Of The Week Wednesday: Long Trip On A Slow Boat Edition

Wednesday means another mini book review from Dylan Tomine.

SEPTEMBER 2ND, 2020:  Passage to Juneau by Jonathan Raban, Pantheon Books

Several years ago, I took a long trip on a slow boat through the islands of northern British Columbia with my buddy Yvon Chouinard. I gave him my copy of this book to help pass the time, and he read it straight through, cover to cover, pausing only to read some of the most beautiful sentences out loud to the crew. In this spectacular book, Raban alternates between the story of his own solo sailing adventure through the Inside Passage and a deep examination of the natural and cultural history of the Pacific Northwest. Even better, he does it with language so gorgeous you could easily be moved to read it aloud for the enjoyment of others, as Yvon did. Raban is a truly brilliant writer and thinker, and this book makes the most of his breathtaking talent.

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