Book Of The Week Wednesday

It’s hard to believe a week has already passed since Dylan’s last book review. This week a sequel to last week’s Mink River.

The Plover by Brian Doyle, Picador

It’s rare for me to enjoy a sequel even more than its stellar predecessor, but then, this is hardly a traditional sequel. In The Plover, Doyle merely picks up one of his characters from Mink River, Declan O’Donnell, and sends him on an epic seafaring journey across the Pacific. Declan sets sail alone to escape the human connections and emotional turmoil of his hometown, but through the trials of harrowing storms and grand adventure, and a growing list of passengers, discovers that human connection can be more fulfilling than he ever imagined. This is a rollicking story in Irish tradition, full of fascinating characters, gripping action, deep emotion, and yes, a trusty companion in the form of a friendly seagull. Everything we love about Doyle—empathy, grace, brilliance—in another gorgeous, uplifting story. Read it and feel even better!

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