Bluefin tuna in P.E.I. are so hungry they no longer fear humans


It’s one of many up close and personal encounters captured in Bluefin, a new documentary by P.E.I. director and writer John Hopkins examining the mystery of North Lake’s bluefin tuna. Some estimates indicate that more than 80 per cent of the world’s Western Atlantic bluefin population has been wiped out from overfishing, yet in North Lake, known as the “Tuna Capital of the World,” they swarm in massive numbers.

And they’re always hungry, says Hopkins — so hungry, in fact, they’ve lost their fear of humans entirely and endanger themselves near fishing vessels for the chance to eat. Something strange is happening, he told National Observer, and it’s causing major confusion in the case to conserve them: are Atlantic bluefin tuna on the rebound or not?

LINK (via: The National Observer)

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