Blackwaters Film Trailer

Blackwater encompasses the power of five Black men whose paths have been challenged with loss, defeat, fear, and pain by life’s ups and downs and the social injustice that black men and black boys face daily. They have fallen into an “endangered species,” only surviving day to day. Through surviving life’s trials, each man has found grace and success in the outdoors, healed and mended by nature’s medicine to the soul, embracing the art of fly fishing and building brotherhood.

3 thoughts on “Blackwaters Film Trailer

  1. How monumentally boring and woke. When you are done watching this, and if you like it, then tune into several more hours of the Harry and Megan propaganda documentary on Netflix. Just like this film, you’ll get several hours of whining by extremely privileged, ultra-woke, and uber-wealthy narcissists living a life of tremendous luxury while complaining about how bad they have because of white people……just like these less-than-men.

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