One thought on “Big Fish The Aquacultural Revolution

  1. Now, is it me going all late stage “You say you want a revolution” John Lennon with a bit of Bootean Bad Trip Rorschach Test thrown in, or am I seeing a pattern developing here?

    Say, “like”, say, Yesterday’s Despoiling Big Oil transforming itself into Bright New Tomorrows Big Fish?

    Revolutions tending only to benefit the tiny few who start them and the well-bribed strong-arm enforcers and criminally overpaid PR placemen they get in to ensure they continue … George Orwell’s Animal Farm But This Time With Oceans-Eating and -Destroying Fake Fish (and all that)….?

    No. Course not. Must be me, seeing conspiracy where there is merely (to use a very British, dismissive of so-called superiors claiming that they know better, expression) “cock-up”.

    PS – Apropos of none of the above, here is something that I saw in the London Times the other day.

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