Bentley presents its new Bentayga Fly Fishing By Mulliner

We know that the British Suv is comfortable on the road, snow, or sand. And now we know that the Bentley Bentayga can conquer harsh mountain terrain, and this to the great delight of fisherman who love to sit by the river.

One thought on “Bentley presents its new Bentayga Fly Fishing By Mulliner

  1. A Brit sighs….

    Back in Ancient Pre-Stairway To Heaven Time (apologies, but the song somehow happens to be playing here as I write this), when I was a fishing-mad small child, my Dad had a Bentley, an even at the time old and so not very expensive model from sometime in the early to mid 1950s, a huge, grey, post Imperial British beast with massive chromed headlamps, leather upholstery and fine wood interior trim (including drop-down drinks tables).

    It was our go-anywhere family fishing waggon, a thing to taken to the limit , muddied, interior littered, badly abused and generally trashed, to be driven until the thing gave out whether through lack of petrol (gas) or something near-terminal mechanical stopped it from moving any further.

    And now I see the Bentayga before me … and “it makes wonder”, as Robert Plant is singing again here at the moment.

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