Massachusetts weighs ban on commercial striped bass fishing

Striped Bass
Make it a gamefish!

Striped bass is New England’s premier sport fish, sought by thousands of anglers who prize them for a fighting spirit and high-quality fillets.

Stripers were pushed to the brink of extinction in the late 1970s but made a dramatic comeback. Now recreational anglers say the coveted fish again is struggling, and they’re lobbying Massachusetts lawmakers to implement new limits that include making the fish off-limits to commercial fishermen.

One proposal, filed by Rep. Walter Timilty, D-Milton, would limit commercial licenses to fishermen who can demonstrate they’ve caught and sold more than 1,000 pounds of striped bass annually over the last five years.

Another proposal, offered by Rep. Thomas Stanley, D-Waltham, would phase out commercial fishing for striped bass by 2025 and establish fines up to $500 per fish for violators of new regulations.

LINK (via: The Gloucester Times)

One thought on “Massachusetts weighs ban on commercial striped bass fishing

  1. I live in Massachusetts and its a very tough situation. Yes, the commercial fishermen need to make a living and this is how they do it. Unfortunately, if we don’t allow the fish to rebuild, there will not be any left.

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