Balancing access and protection in the ocean

As an employee of the R.L. Winston Rod Co. for more than 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of fly fishing from Alaska to Florida; from New York to Texas and so many places in between. In all of these places, fresh water and salt water, private citizens have worked to protect and enhance their fisheries. Fly fishermen understand the importance of finding balance between allowing sportsmen to have access to all the resources that our great outdoors have to offer and ensuring that those resources are properly managed so they will continue to support our sportsmen’s economy and be here for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

In Montana, we are lucky to have a U.S. Senator who also understands the importance of that balancing act.

Senator Tester has long been a powerful advocate for public access to our public lands and waters, ensuring there are ample opportunities for all of us to enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, or whatever pursuits draw us to the outdoors. He also knows how important it is to ensure that we take care of those public lands and waters – now and in the future – for both their recreational and economic benefits.

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