2 thoughts on “Atlantic Steelhead – Santa Cruz River | Argentina

  1. Important Note to Potential Visitors to the Rio Santa Cruz:

    If at any time in the past you have been prone to sudden and uncontrolled outbursts of profanity, but have now managed to quit such involuntary “turning the air blue”s with little to no provocation, causing anyone within earshot seek immediate and extreme distance from you (mere street-crossing not being enough), do NOT visit the Santa Cruz, as the briefest first glimpse of its size (“What the xxxxxxxx”) and power (“Fxxxxxxxxxxxx”) will set you back years and return you to nice, kindly, smiling people in white coats, safe quiet spaces, counseling and therapy, even cause you to take up yoga.

    You have been warned.

    Aside from your own, present and future, personal health considerations, the Santa Cruz steelhead really are quite something, with a mere, first fish, 5-pounder making you think that you have hooked a fish two or three times the size, until it jumps – fish with strength and power to spare, just like the river they run.

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