Asian Carp Getting New Name And A Public Makeover

I’ll have the filet of slap in the face.

Illinois officials and their partners want to give the invasive Asian carp threatening the Great Lakes a makeover. The goal: To grow the fish’s image as a healthy, delicious, organic, sustainable food source — which will, in turn, get more fishermen removing more tons of the fish from Illinois rivers just outside of Lake Michigan.

A full-on media blitz is coming later this year to change that. The proposed new name for the fish is being kept tightly under wraps for a big rollout in June, prior to the Boston Seafood Show in mid-July.

LINK (via: USA Today)

3 thoughts on “Asian Carp Getting New Name And A Public Makeover

  1. Well, for some of people, who couldn’t Instagram An Instant So Cool Steelie (see a recent Steelhead Suck by a “I shipped my much-producted Influencer face and ass all the way over here and they failed me” failer for their easily influenced following), these might be the answer, But not, of course, for anbody wanting to see Angling, waters, fish, fishing tackle and the whole, nine, ancillary and hospitality yards get much past the Next Desperate New Marketing Team Tomorrow. We have the same “I want it NOW!” sorts and their well-bred Mad Men procurers here in Britain, fellas, so please don’t think that you are in any way abnormal or aberrant.

  2. PS – get rid of that fourth-word “of” above – I’m always hear in an mental eyeblink and gone just as fast.

  3. You see, here so breifly that I couldn’t be bothered to correct “hear”, but, infuriatingly some Some, still can think and fish. Boote out.

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