Artificially Cooling Rivers Could Protect Fish From Climate Change

In the midst of a heat wave in Nova Scotia, Canada, this July, humans sought out air conditioning and shelter in the shade. Fish in the Wrights River, meanwhile, converged on what patches of deeper, cooler water they could find, like holes in the streambed out of the sun’s glare. One of those areas of relief, though, hadn’t occurred naturally. It had been created by humans pumping cold water from a nearby well into the overheated stream. Cold-loving fish, like Atlantic salmon, flocked to this stretch of water in droves.

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2 thoughts on “Artificially Cooling Rivers Could Protect Fish From Climate Change

  1. What a freakin’ scam……fish have been doing this for eons. Literally. Somebody is getting rich off of the chicken little environmentalists.

  2. The beginning of the hoax was 1983 when Jessica Savage “reported” to all the useful idiots that we were all going to die in the 1990s. Look it up.

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