Angler who caught world-record pellet fed brown trout says he will produce proof if he’s left alone

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The angler said to have caught what is potentially the world’s biggest brown trout in New Zealand has pledged to hide the fish from public view if he is hounded over the record-breaking catch.

The legendary size of the fish, caught in canals in Mackenzie Country, has sent fishing circles into a spin.

The fish would be more than 5kg heavier than the current International Game Fishing Association record of 19.1kg.

The fish was pulled from the Pūkaki-Ōhau A canal near Mt Cook. It’s a catchment which benefits from a nearby salmon farm which has food pellets in the waterway.

The easy supply of rich food leads to massive growth in trout with out-size brown and rainbow trout being caught.

LINK (via: New Zealand Herald)

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