An Interview With Simms Fishing Products CEO, Casey Sheahan

Whitey Evans and Casey Sheahan with a Bulkley River silver bullet  Photo: Moldychum

Monte Burke interviewed with Simms CEO Casey Sheahan about COVID’s affect on Simms, the recent flood of new people into the sport of angling, how he defines “conscious capitalism,” and his favorite species and places to fish.

LINK (via: Forbes)

4 thoughts on “An Interview With Simms Fishing Products CEO, Casey Sheahan

  1. No working link when I looked at the above, so I went round the search engine houses and found the Forbes interview, then took in a linked Fish It Well page – – with its Our Mission Is To Inspire the World To Fish, then thought to myself “Hill top, pretty people, Coke, 1971… Oh my God … I’m experiencing a non-fishy flashback….”, then told myself to get a grip, get real and not be a terrible old killjoy and possibly dangerous anarchist.

    Boote out.

  2. I wonder who at Simms Casey Sheahan disagrees with politically? Perhaps K.C. Walsh? K.C. Walsh’s active support of Steve Daines reelection as our Montana Senator during the last election has turned me off of Simms.

    1. Monte could have asked the question given the widespread fallout from the Walsh endorsement. Choosing the image of Casey holding a hatchery steelhead was not too smart either.

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