All salmon raised in open net-pens is environmentally unsustainable

Quick reminder, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch also said that steelhead from the OP was a sustainable choice.

New advice for seafood shoppers is being criticized by wild salmon advocates in Eastern Canada. Seafood Watch, a buyer’s guide published by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, recently upgraded open net-pen salmon from Nova Scotia and Maine to yellow, or “Good Alternative.” Meanwhile, the guide gives a red “Do Not Buy” rating to salmon raised in sea cages in British Columbia, New Brunswick, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador.

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One thought on “All salmon raised in open net-pens is environmentally unsustainable

  1. “Just say no” as someone once told people (about Fair Trade “Pablo” was it?) a long time ago – to ALL farmed salmon – from Scotland, Norway, Chile, Canada, the United States, wherever………

    One small step, but still not enough though.

    Over here in the UK today (28th), the terribly earnest and serious, “This is Official Little England Calling”, BBC Radio 4 today program(me) had a short feature about tagging river-descending Scottish Atlantic salmon smolts to learn just where they went when they reached the north Atlantic and why they weren’t coming back in the Angler-pleasing required numbers as they once used to. Costing an absolute “Jobs for The Boys” fortune this project, doubtless, but surely on an “Our Salmon are STILL Missing” hiding to nothing when the ten-kilo paper-version Reports hit the same official doormats in a few years time, so requiring more mega-money to be spent on establishing just how many fast-disappearing angels We might be able to fit on a pinhead (we’re they to exist and if we could find any) horse has bolted, blinkered project. Etcetera, et, not with a bang but a ruddy whimper, cetera…….

    Seas, dear boy, seas and oceans, (as in “I wonder why all the Arctic ice has gone…”) and how we’re cooking them by pretending that planting a few trees and recycling our trash and buying “locally and ethically” and donating to a few worthy, “We are extremely concerned” fishy charities whilst still doing absolutely nothing to stop the Great World (Fly Me Across It – NOW!) Climate BBQ is going to Save “Our” (well, some Smart Sorts’) Salmon.

    Huge rethink and real life-real world action required, chaps. Please let me and the salmon know when you have bitten the unthinkable, we just can’t go there bullet and made a start. The salmon are beginning to give up on you, their Official PR Mouthpiece Defenders, you know.

    Cordially yours etc…..

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