One thought on “After You’ve Gone : Full Film

  1. Very nice.

    My response 3 mins 30 secs or so in – “I know that volcano in the distance……I’ve fished the headwaters of the Malleo River in the piece of Monkey Puzzle Tree-d magical country known affectiontely (and accurately) as “Jurassic Park….”.

    Which duly prompted a 30-year flashback to another mann who has gone – to Charlie, an Englishman from a village a little outside of Salisbury in the county of Wiltshire, who moved to Argentina many years ago to farm on a much larger scale than he had on the banks of a tributary of the biggest English chalkstream of them all, the Hampshire Avon.

    My female companion and I were travelling across the desert plain in his Land Rover with him after a few days fishing on a big sub-montane river like the one Rachel Finn is floating in the film. Soon the mountain wall of the cordillera hove into view, with one great snow-topped cone topping the lot of it – the Lanin volcano.

    “Look, you kids!” he exclaimed. “Lanin. When I see Lanin, I know I’m home…..”

    A complete original was Charlie, like that great old lady Rachel.

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