Act Now! Tell Congress to Say No To H.R. 200

If you care about the health of our oceans and fisheries, today is a day when you need to take two minutes and send a loud and clear message to Congress. This week the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on H.R. 200, a bill that would eliminate policies that science clearly shows are rebuilding our fisheries, improving angling opportunities, and benefiting both commercial and recreational anglers.

Some misguided folks in Washington are trying to sell us a bill of goods and are saying this legislation benefits anglers. But trust us, this bill will not benefit you, your fellow anglers, or the fish we pursue. In particular, this bill:

  • Returns fisheries management to the failed policies of the past, which caused dramatic declines in fish stocks and devastated fishing communities across the country
  • Undermines the science-based, accountable management system that for years has helped us rebuild our fisheries and reduce destructive overfishing practices

Our fisheries are stronger today because of the very policies that H.R. 200 seeks to eliminate, so please take two minutes out of your day and tell your member of Congress to vote no on H.R. 200.

LINK (via: Marine Fish Conservation Network)

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