A River Still Runs Through It

Nearly thirty years later we still have a love affair with “the movie.”

Nearly thirty years after 1992’s award-winning, Robert Redford-directed film, A River Runs Through It, travelers (both fly-fishers and land-lubbers alike) are still making a pilgrimage to Montana to find out if that river will give them the same transcendent experience that lifts the family in the film and haunts the sole surviving brother years afterwards.

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3 thoughts on “A River Still Runs Through It

  1. Only to be expected from Make it – Buy it – Spend it ‘n’ Do it Big, Forbes Magazine, I suppose….

    Never were so many bucks made from so very little by such a tiny few, to badly misquote a great Anglo-American, Winston S. Churchill (and with such a now near-catastrophic fall-out), in my opinion.

    Very nice little original elegaic book, massive shame about The Movie.

    PS – The wonderful Frank and Jeannie Moor of the Steamboat Creek Sanctuary will know who I am on about with my “Churchill” above


  2. I fell in love with fly fishing because of this movie. My son fell in love with fly fishing 15 years later because of this movie.

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