2 thoughts on “A River Runs Through Someone’s Bank Account

  1. facepalm – shuddering so much, I temporarily lost ability to spell.

    Might be because of two little British Guardian “Kerching!” numbers I took in a few minutes ago.

    1) The International Fall-Out – https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/may/14/have-a-little-empathy-bali-tires-of-badly-behaved-foreign-influencers

    2) The Get The Gear But Where Can I Afford To Go After The New Perma-Smiling and -Posing Fishy Boosters Have Been Through It? British One –


    British saying , “All tooled-up and nowhere to go.”, springs to my “…This way madness lies….” non-team-player deviant mind……

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