A Ride With Clyde

A Ride With Clyde

Hop in the back seat of Clyde, The Drake Magazine’s 1974 Mercury Marquis, and tag along with the cast of Tailer Trash Fly Fishing as they leave saltwater in the rearview mirror for a summer full of surprises in the hills of Tennessee.

The Tailer Trash crew never takes life or fly fishing too seriously. Friendships are, however, the measure of success in their world.

From not-so-secret spots, familiar tail waters, their favorite fly shop, or easily accessible mountain creeks, they treat each one as if they’ve shared them halfway around the world.

Like the twists and turns of a narrow road up a holler in Appalachia, you’ll wonder what they’re up to next.

Don’t mind the drooping headliner tickling your head. Sit back and enjoy A Ride With Clyde.

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