A Mission To Rescue 469 Doomed Trout

Photo: Brandon Villalovos

After last summer’s Bobcat fire burned more than 115,000 acres of wrinkled slopes and lush canyons, California state biologists began to worry that a native population of rainbow trout living in the West Fork of the San Gabriel River could be wiped out if winter storms unleashed a muddy avalanche of slurry, sediment, and fire debris into the waterway. They soon hatched a plan to translocate 469 rainbows to the Arroyo Seco, a winding creek that snakes past the Jet Propulsion Laboratory some 30 miles away.

The trouble is, the city of Pasadena currently gets about 35% of its water supply from the Arroyo Seco, and the surprise dump of squirming trout has raised new criticism of its $15 million plan to draw more water from the stream.

LINK (via: Finger Lake Times)

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