A Man Properly Aggrieved About The Crown’s “Criminal” Portrayal of Fishing

The criminal in question, Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles on The Crown. Netflix

Each new season of The Crown brings with it an attendant season of royalist outrage. The latest round arrived right on schedule earlier this week when the U.K.’s Telegraph published a letter to the editor from a self-proclaimed “staunch royalist” decrying “the depth of injustice on display” toward Prince Charles in the new episodes. But then the letter took a surprising turn: It singled out the show’s portrayal of Charles’ … fishing technique. The depiction, it said, was “utterly unjustifiable” and “almost criminal.” I think BBC journalist Jane Garvey spoke for everyone when she posted the letter on Twitter and asked, uh, really?

LINK (via: Slate)

One thought on “A Man Properly Aggrieved About The Crown’s “Criminal” Portrayal of Fishing

  1. It’s fishing, Jim….

    As with Downton Shabby, so with the Crown.

    Nobody in the right mind (or living in post-World War II world) would watch either.

    Letters to The (London) Telegraph … oh dear dear dear … and They (the Official, “What Went Wrong?”, British Fly Wallah Movers and Shakers) wonder why nobody normal and under the of age about one hundred and nine wants anything of it (the Top Flyboy Stuff) nowadays.

    Lifelong flyfisher, but total NON-participant in any of the Top Fishy – Right People – Right River – Right Beat – Right Week – Right All Sorts of Everything That The Great Unwashed Rest Can’t Have (so personally comforting for “People like Us”) – Angling- and Fish-destroying Brit Stuff – Boote out.

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